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WAS uhaul tow dolly/transport 70B NOW rear bearings

Subject: WAS uhaul tow dolly/transport 70B NOW rear bearings
From: "Dereck C" <>
Date: Fri, 18 Oct 2002 02:04:44 +0000
Thanks to all that have responded, that has got to be the largest response I 
have ever received from this list in the 8 years I have been on it (mostly 
in the lurking state)!

So now I have gone from the auto transport, to a tandem trailer, to a single 
axle, to a car dolly, and now all the way to the tow bar.  It's hard to 
argue with $1200 vs $120.

Though I don't think I am going to get away that lightly.  I think it would 
be in my best interest to have the rear end bearings replaced.  I just 
replaced the front ones myself last month during an attack of the 
might-as-wells starting with the newly rebuild master cylinder (whitepost - 
works awesome), then the new rotors, ebc green stuff, brake lines, swivel 
assemblies rebuilt (Motorhead - ouch did that hurt), poly bushings, and of 
course the bearings.

Since time is running short and I need to be on the road by Wednesday (keep 
an eye out for a red chevy extended cab pulling a blue 70 B, in some 
fashion, between DC-Atlanta-Mobile-Houston-San Antonio) I don't think I have 
the time to devote to doing it myself.  What should I expect to pay a shop 
to do it?  I was thinking of using Motorhead.  Other suggestions?

BTW, it has wire wheels.

70 B

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