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BGT Project

Subject: BGT Project
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2002 11:49:46 EDT
Hi everyone.
       I'm new to the list and have just been reading and learning for a 
while.  I figured at this point, it's time to ask a question or two or three. 
 I have had a 58 MGA since high school.  I restored it a few years back.  
This summer I got too good a deal on a 1972 BGT to turn down.
I have the car running well, idling fair, stopping well.  It's time to start 
some serious work.  I have found a 71 BGT parts car for $500 with overdrive.  
That trans will be going in the 72.  It still needs wheels, tires, and 
exhaust.  The exhaust system on the car looks to me to be  a homemade or 
local muffler shop job.  The tailpipe only measures 1.25 inches.  What are 
the B owners preferences for street exhaust systems?  I guess I want 
something in stainless if possible.  I think I want a little sportier tone 
than the stock B, but not something that will drive me nuts on road trips.The 
current motor has about 40,000 miles on it and I intend to build the spare up 
to 67 spec or a little stronger, but not enough to jeopardize reliability.  
Can I use an oversize exhaust safely with a stock system or will it 
overscavenge the cylinders?  I have followed the string on tire sizes with 
interest and am still undecided on wheel size ( 14 or 15).  It is a wire 
wheel car, so I plan to use knock-off Minilites from Moss.  Should I stick 
with the stock camber or change the control arms.  I realize that all of 
these parameters are open to opinion, but I would like to hear you opinions.
      58 MGA 1500
      72 BGT
      71 BGT for parts soon 

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