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RE: Westminster MG Museum Auction

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Subject: RE: Westminster MG Museum Auction
From: "Lew Palmer" <>
Date: Sat, 26 Oct 2002 21:36:27 -0500
The following note was received today from Chris Nowlan, a close family

Lew Palmer

     Thanks for your comments about the Jerry articles.  Did you see
TSO?  Lots of people had some nice things to say.  I was struck by how
many people were saying basically the same nice things.   Jerry
certainly was one of a kind.  I really do miss him but talk to Doris and
Nicole regularly.  Did you know that the auction of approx. 6 of his
cars takes place next Saturday.  The only interesting cars are a nice
Arnolt Coupe and an Inskip TD.   

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> Subject: Westminster MG Museum Auction
> Maybe I haven't been following the list very closely... but has anyone
> heard
> about the auction of the contents of the Westminster MG Museum on
> 2nd???
> It is in the recent Hemmings... but I haven't seen it because I only
> a
> small note about it online mentioning it as being in Hemmings...  Can
> someone
> check under "Auctions" and post back to us?
>     John

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