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Re: Westminster MG Museum Auction

To: Carl French <>
Subject: Re: Westminster MG Museum Auction
From: Tab Julius <>
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2002 08:57:46 -0500
Well, that would suck (for me) - both the original museum and Hemmings are 
located in Vermont (albeit different sides of the state).  I was hoping the 
auction would be too.

I did actually visit the museum once - this was before my MG.  I had MGs in 
my life, at some key points, growing up, but had not thought much about 
them until one day driving along the VT/NH border I came across this place 
in the middle of nowhere, in a large dutch-gambrel style barn, if I recall, 
that was an "MG museum", and I stopped in and we just looked at all the 
cars - I didn't know enough about them yet to appreciate them, other than 
just thinking "I gotta get me one of those someday".  Oddly enough, there 
was no one around - the place was empty and open.  We were there for a 
while - didn't see anyone in charge, and no other visitors either - eerie, 
but cool.

In later years I wanted to go back, but couldn't remember where it was, 
when I finally did figure out where it was (by asking on this list, I 
think) it was too late - he had already closed it down.  However, that one 
visit got me re-interested, and years later I finally got my MG, and I plan 
to keep it as long as possible.

- Tab

At 05:46 AM 10/27/02, Carl French wrote:
>  I believe the auction you are looking for is occuring in Ct. I found it 
> using the search for auctions in It lists an automabilia 
> auction going on in Ct on that day and it does state the sale of six 
> vintage MGs. You have to buy a catalog I guess beyond that. I got some 
> info on that from the auction house I can forward to you.

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