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RE: Other cars "challenging" you...

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Subject: RE: Other cars "challenging" you...
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Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 08:58:54 -0600
I get this in the Mini. NOBODY wants to get passed by a "clown car". When I
do they chase me down to try and regain their self-respect. Whatever.

It happens less in the Midget, but it happens. Usually in the suburbs

Phil Vanner

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Subject: Other cars "challenging" you...

So I'm new to this "driving around town in an MG" thing, but I've twice
now had other cars "swagger" themselves past me.  Revving of engines,
fast accelleration past me as I'm parked, that kind of thing.

Now the interesting (funny) thing is - both times, it was a pickup.
 This happen to anyone else?   I wish I had a can of helium so I could
take a whiff and yell at 'em in a voice to match the car :^)

Tim Holt
'74 Midget

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