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To: "The MG List" <>
Subject: Re: RANTING
From: "Rick Lindsay" <>
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 12:27:24 -0600
   The opinions one of our listmembers expressed are just that, 
his opinions.  The only problem is that they should not have
been voiced in this forum -- just as our replies, including this
one, should not be posted here.   This will be my last.
   I also find interesting the way his post and opinions were
interpreted.  I perhaps read it differently.  I saw no racism or 
profiling other than that religious fanatics do fanatical things.  
What I saw was a commical quiz that while tilted specifically 
toward Islamic fundamentalism, was not far from the truth 
regarding religious fundamentalists, of all flavors, throughout 
recorded history.    More wars have been fought over which 
brand of God is better than over all other topics!  Him saying 
so here was a mistake, just as my saying my opinions here is 
also a mistake.  As free as we like to believe that we are, we 
are not free from ridicule when we speak our opinions openly.

With respect,


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