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Re: Ranting

To: Ray Wygonik <>
Subject: Re: Ranting
From: Carl Elliott <>
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 19:13:16 -0500
Well Said. As a  member of the Marine Corps non active , I remember when 
Oliver North said
to The witch hunting board of Congress that he had spent $ 60,000.00 on 
a security system.
When he was asked why  Her stated that the most Evil man on Earth had 
threatened his and his familys lives. A Mr. Osama Bin Laden. The 
congressman could not even say it, And made a joke of it.
Then the congressman got rather angry When Ollie said we need to remove 
this man from the planet.
But then we should  strip search 80 year old women in airports . Last 
month I was searched ,
And my lugage also . I didn't mind I just think everyone should be 
searched , And if one group happens to be responcable for the Deaths of 
Thosand of Americans and other peoples around the World then Searrch 
them TWICE. But just my .02 As per the 1st amendment . The one I took 2 
Bullets defending . Carl E.

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