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Re: Removing the head, what else should I buy?

To: Steve Shoyer <>
Subject: Re: Removing the head, what else should I buy?
From: Bullwinkle <>
Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 16:27:15 -0600

Also, what should I remove from the head before taking it to
the machine shop?
Everything you have the tools for.  It's best to completely
strip the head yourself if you can.  Some shops take short
cuts and hot tank the head BEFORE disassembly which is not
the right way.  Sitting out in my shop right now is a
customer's MG XPAG head with very ugly looking aluminum
spring retainers as that's what some neanderthal did
somewhere along the line.  Aluminum and hot tanking don't

Depends on the condition and whether you're on the cheap. 
If they will clean up during grinding without leaving too
sharp an edge, you should be okay.  It also depends on how
many miles you want out of the work.

Should be checked for specifications, tension and height,
and if any are too far off, they should be replaced.

Rocker shaft:  Again depends on condition

Rocker bushes:  Again depends on current condition, how much
you can spend, how much you plan on driving the B, etc.

Rocker noses:  Check for condition and possibly surfacing.


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