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Re: Removing the head, what else should I buy?

To: Steve Shoyer <>,
Subject: Re: Removing the head, what else should I buy?
From: Howard gentry <>
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 08:23:18 -0800 (PST)
--- Steve Shoyer <> wrote:
> Last night I removed everything to get to the point
> where I can remove the head from my 1980 MGB.  I
> sprayed the nuts with PBlaster, and tonight I will
> try to finish the job.  As long as I'm getting the
> head magnafluxed and flattened, is there anything
> else I should replace?  Valves, springs, stuff like
> that?  I already have a new set of head studs, and
> I'll probably do the manifold and thermostat cover
> studs too.  Also, what should I remove from the head
> before taking it to the machine shop?
> Thanks again.
> --Steve (1980 MGB)
     Let the head tell you what it wants.  Take it
off, ..take it to a good automotive machine shop..let
them inspect it and then fix Anything that is not in
spec..they will look at the valve springs, valve
seats, valves, guides, and magnaflux it as well as
check it for flatness..My 1977 B head cost $245.00 to
rebuild..I did the stellite exhaust valves and bronze are doing well to replace all of the
studs(ARP is real fine here)..I have heard that the
copper gasket is best for the head..but did not do
this..$79.00 for a solid copper one..
     The important thing is to have a really good
machineist do the inspection..and a good shop to do
the work..nothing succeeds like a quality person doing
quality work.
Cheers, Howard
1974 MGbGT
1976MG-B roadster

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