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Re: Top 5 worst jobs.

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Subject: Re: Top 5 worst jobs.
From: Eric <>
Date: Tue, 05 Nov 2002 01:36:35 +1030
"Smith, Timothy" wrote:
> After some thought I only had one worst job, carb warming.
> In ND it would get so cold in the winter that I would
> have to take the carbs out and warm them up in the
> house before I could get it started.

Wow, for one living in a place that never gets snow (OK, less than half
an inch once every ten years - it makes headlines:-) that is so hard to
imagine!  Having to pull your car apart and put it back together before
you can drive it?

I think I am glad I live in a warmer place (but the latest drought is
killing us at the moment).

Adelaide, South Australia

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