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Re: Guy Fawkes problem

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Subject: Re: Guy Fawkes problem
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Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 10:40:40 -0000
Sadly it is as a result of frivolous insurance claims (40% up last year), an
unwanted import from the USA.  The premium is now around UKP3000 for a
public event.

At least the bonfires are quiet, we have had four or five hours a night of
exploding shells for the past five nights with more to come.  We get Diwahli
(Indian/Sikh 'Christmas') as well, which because they use the old calendar
'floats'.  This year it was yesterday so has just been added to the general

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> Well, no cars, but it's British.  Did Guy Fawkes have insurance?  Check
> this sillyness.

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