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Subject: Re: convertable top question....
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Date: Tue, 5 Nov 2002 10:31:09 -0000
There was an early folding hood available as an option in place of the
packaway right from the beginning, both being replaced by the improved
Michelotti folding in Aug 70.

Having the bottom-of-the-line vinyl hood I did consider replacing it with
something more upmarket at one time.  But having seen the very poor fit of
some of these, and because mine is sound anyway, I haven't bothered.  There
does not seem to be enough width over the side windows.  Whereas on mine the
gutters come right down to the tops of the windows, and the flaps inside lay
flat against the glass, these other have the gutters an inch or so above the
glass and the internal flap is bowed leaving a gaping hole for wind and rain
to blow in.  Some are so bad that a slim hand could get in without touching
the sides.  Buyer Beware.

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Subject: convertable top question....

> I have a '70 B. (Oct '69) I also have a non-removable frame top.  (Well
> you can remove it, but it takes tools.)  I was told the frame is off of
> a later car as mine should have had a stow away top.
> That said, it is about time for a new top.  Mine has a few holes and is
> looking the part of a ragtop.
> Is there anything I should be aware of when buying a new folding frame
> top cover?  Is the cloth in the two top frames the same or is it a
> different cut?

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