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Re: Pertronix and Spark Questions

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Subject: Re: Pertronix and Spark Questions
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2002 13:41:12 -0800
In practice, I don't think it makes any difference; the width of the slot is
only a degree or two, and shouldn't prevent it from starting.


on 11/6/02 12:47 PM, Ruggiero Larry Lt Col AFRC/XPXS at
Larry.Ruggiero@AFRC.AF.MIL wrote:

> Hey gang...
> What do you like using for plugs in a 'B? Mine's a '72 18V motor, freshly
> rebuilt, no smog equip whatsoever. I'd like to use my stereo, so something
> appropriately resistor-equipped is desireable. I've read that NGK BP6ES or
> BP7ES plugs are good. What say you?
> Second question, same motor. I'm attempting to statically time its ignition,
> but the Pertronix electronic gizmo means conventional guidance about points
> just beginning to open, etc, doesn't work. It's the type with light beam
> interrupted by the rotation of a four-armed plate. Is the beginning of the
> beam interruption akin to the beginning of points opening (ie, as the arm
> starts to rotate through the light beam), or is it the end of the beam
> interruption as the beam is being uncovered? I need a starting point before
> I try firing up the new engine. TIA...
> Larry Ruggiero '72 B Roadster
> Warner Robins, GA


Max Heim
'66 MGB GHN3L76149
If you're near Mountain View, CA,
it's the primer red one with chrome wires

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