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Re: Web site for Automotive questions

To: "Robert M. Lang" <>
Subject: Re: Web site for Automotive questions
From: Don Malling <>
Date: Wed, 06 Nov 2002 21:21:40 -0500
Hi Robert, 

Yes, I was offended by your response, but maybe I overreacted. Nobody's
perfect as they say. 

You have given this list and myself a great deal of valuable
information. I sincerely appreciate it and want to thank you publicly
for it, as I have done in the past privately. I want to emphasize how
valuable I think it is. I make it a point to read and reread all your
posts carefully. In all sincerity, thank you very much. 

I know I have asked some dumb questions. Having said that, I have also
sat here and puzzled about some simple things, finally to give up and
post a question only to find that the experts on the list argue among
themselves about the answer. I come away thinking that maybe what I
thought was a dumb question wasn't so dumb after all.   

I don't know much about automotive work, but I have done some other
With all the expert information you and others have provided, I am
learning. I am buying lots of books and reading. The engine and
transmission are coming out of my TR250 in January, and I am planning on
my first engine disassembly. More dumb questions are sure to follow... 

I hope I will be able to help the next guy as much as you and others on
this list are helping me now. It is the only way I can think of to
return the favor.  

In all sincerity, thank you very much.

FWIW, the answer to my question is to only pull one axle at a time. The
differential side gears are not a problem unless both axles are out at
the same time. :-) 

Don Malling

"Robert M. Lang" wrote:
> Hi Don,
> I guess I offended you. Sorry.
> I will point out that I've had pretty bad luck with certain manuals that
> are out there when it comes to describing certain procedures. I don't need
> to go into detail, but even some of the factory reprints are flat _wrong_!
> At any rate, I give any Haynes manual a mediocre score when it comes to
> accuracy and usefulness. Your initial question was about a Probe - go to
> Ford and get a Probe manual. If that's too expensive, try to find a used
> one.
> I can't offer any more than that.
> rml
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