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Re: questions about handling (Re: Wire Wheels ...)

To: Max Heim <>, MG List <>
Subject: Re: questions about handling (Re: Wire Wheels ...)
From: Tim Baxter <>
Date: Fri, 8 Nov 2002 21:18:57 -0600
I've done it, and in my mind, there's only one way to do it right: 
with a CB crossmember. Which means you need a CB steering rack. 
This would be the first thing I would do. You may find the rear has 
self-lowered anyway, due to sag. This may or may not please you. On 
mine, I had the rear re-arched to CB specs. Heavy equipment shops that 
deal with leaf springs all the time will know what to do. I can't 
remember where I found the specs.
Anway, you're still lugging extra weight, and quite a bit of it, on 
the far ends of the car, right where you don't want it, but RBs can 
handle quite well.

> On the other hand, I believe lowering a RBB is not exactly a trivial
> operation. Others will know more about the steps required.

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