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Re: questions about handling (Re: Wire Wheels ...)

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Subject: Re: questions about handling (Re: Wire Wheels ...)
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Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 09:43:51 +1300
> I've done it, and in my mind, there's only one way to do it right:
> with a CB crossmember. Which means you need a CB steering rack.

Problem with the CB steering rack is that the pinion shaft is too short for
a RB car. Better to use a RB rack, and shorten and respline the pinion
shaft. The steering box mounts also need to be rebuilt because a RB rack
does not mount parrallel to the transverse centreline of the cross member
(the passenger side is further forward).  Or alternativly the RB steering
box can be mounted further forward and yet maintain the same height on the
CB mounts by making a spacer/extender piece that goes between the rack and
the mounts.  However this will alter steering angles slightly, but bump
steer will not be affected. (Or the steering column could be extended to
meet a CB steering box pinion shaft I suppose, but I have not looked into

> This would be the first thing I would do. You may find the rear has
> self-lowered anyway, due to sag. This may or may not please you. On
> mine, I had the rear re-arched to CB specs. Heavy equipment shops that
> deal with leaf springs all the time will know what to do. I can't
> remember where I found the specs.
> Anway, you're still lugging extra weight, and quite a bit of it, on
> the far ends of the car, right where you don't want it, but RBs can
> handle quite well.
> > On the other hand, I believe lowering a RBB is not exactly a trivial
> > operation. Others will know more about the steps required.

The rear can be done 'relativly' easily - if the car is upside down -
Requires reshaping and re drilling the front leaf spring mount,  cutting out
and re positioning the rear mount tube from below the the box section to a
position through the box section, removing and repositioning the bump stop
rubber, shorter check straps and shock adsorber links.
Advantage over other methods is that full suspension travel is maintained,
and springs retain their original designed shape. The modification could be
carried out from under the car, but access is a bit more difficult, and
there are a couple of quite critical welds that would be very hard to get

Ian f

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