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Re: Starter stopped

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Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 10:02:28 -0000
Look at the ignition warning light as you turn the key to 'start'.  If it
goes out either the battery is bad or there is a bad connection in the heavy
current circuit between the battery and the starter.  If it dims a bit it
looks like it is trying to energise the solenoid but the solenoid isn't
energising the starter.  If it doesn't dim at all, a 69 was on the cusp of
not having/having a starter relay, if it has one it will be just aft of the
fusebox.  If you *do* have one, and there is no 'click' as you turn the key,
check the ignition switch - red/white - relay winding - black - ground
circuit.  If you have one and it clicks but the solenoid doesn't 'clonk'
check the brown - relay contacts - brown/white - solenoid circuit.  If no
relay and no solenoid 'clonk' check the ignition switch - white/red -
solenoid circuit.  If the solenoid clonks then the problem is in the
solenoid/motor assembly.

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Subject: Starter stopped

> Went out one morning turned the key on my '69 MGB/GT and no sound from
> the starter.  Battery and key circuit are ok.  Suggestions?  Can the
> solenoid be removed from starter w/out pulling the starter first... I
> haven't crawled under the car yet to check.  Any tech tips?  Can the
> solenoid be dismantled, cleaned and reassembled?  TIA

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