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My GT is gassing me - hatch = solved

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Subject: My GT is gassing me - hatch = solved
From: "Hans Duinhoven" <>
Date: Sun, 10 Nov 2002 21:33:26 +0100
Hi folks,

Just like to mention the hint of one of the listers worked fine for me - no
exhaust fumes will get into my GT anymore!
I adjusted the catch of the hatch - hey it rhimes!
So the hatch fits tighter onto the rubbers.

I went with a great MGCC tour in the Netherlands to the Dutch airforce museum
All gathered MG's (and some others like a big Healy, TR4 and an Austin 1300
GT) we counted some 150 were invited to park around the shown vintage fighter
planes like Sabre, Starfighter Spitfire etc..
Mine just fitted under an F15 fighter.

There were very nice models like SA, VA, Tickford VA, TC, TD's.
Of course the lot of B's, C's, A's (one A coupe), several F's and a very nice
TF - the late fifties one!
One original BGTV8, which had been rebuilt to LHD. The car originally had been
a demo car for the U.K. police the owner told me.

BTW as the weather is getting chilly I had to open the heater valve - very
comfy inside now, but I hope the temperature will not rise outside, because
then I have to hit the valve to the shut position again.



'71BGT whitout a smell inside

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