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Re: Turn signals

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Subject: Re: Turn signals
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Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 21:20:20 +0100
The hazard switch itself is very prone to bad contacts.
Regulary using it will keep it fit.
Try to clean the inside by spraying cleaining solvent inside through a
little hole.
The solvent to be used is the stuff which can be used for radio variable
resistors of the volume knobs etc.
After applying the solvent actuate the hazard switch often in order to
"scrape" the contacts clean.
Best is to flush with Isopropyl Alcohol afterwards.

All fluids can be obtained from a electronics hobby shop.

Still actuate sometimes.

Let it dry for 15 minutes.

Good luck!



'71 BGT

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> The hazard switch should have six spades.  With the switch off two of them
> are connected together and the two greens should be connected to these.
> These greens power the turn signal which only operates when the hazards
> off.  With the switch on the other four are all connected together and the
> other four (or three) wires should be connected to these, order shouldn't
> matter.
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> Subject: Turn signals
> >                anyone know what order to connect the wires on the back
> the
> > hazard switch in my 70GT?No turn signals or flashers!Best I have gotten
> > right one blinks and left one stays on but ONLY when hazard button is
> > on!Grrrrrr!

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