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Re: More on Pertronix and Spark Questions

Subject: Re: More on Pertronix and Spark Questions
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2002 15:14:49 -0500
   Puzzles abound.
   You are right that the larger wrench size is not 3/4.  I misread the
beginning of the part # on the socket as 3/4 when it was 34...., and
13/16 is faintly marked on the socket. The one for the NGK is definitely
5/8 inch (double-checked that one, just now) 
   This engine sports a head w 3/4 inch plug reach, though according to
Chip Old's research and the parts manual, it should have the early head. 
When the head was off for engine rebuild in 1999, we found that all
passages had been polished and ports matched manifolds perfectly.  Yet
the car was purchased new from TranSport Motors, Richmond, VA, by my
father, and we never removed head,  swapped heads or polished ports. The
engine never had any significant work until the recent rebuild as the car
was used very little after 1958 until it came to me forty years later. 
It turned 70,000 miles this summer. 
   A recollection of Graham Whitehead, retired twenty years ago from BMC
Leonia, was that MG built some 50 MkII cars in late 1952, all painted
silverstreak grey, 25 kept for factory and factory-friend use and 25
shipped to Norfolk VA. Norfolk was port of entry for Richmond. There is
nothing special on the dealer's invoice except MkII.   Who knows? 
   As to the radio, yes, it has a circa 1967, Boman AM monophonic radio
fitted under the underdash panel, and features a recent Falcon exhaust
system.  The exhaust note is reasonably quiet, giving one full enjoyment
of the snap,crackle and pop from the radio. The radio controls are
reversed-tuning is left knob, off/on/volume is right knob.  Though unable
to pick up regular broadcasts, it does do well with generator and
ignition sounds, a grasshopper symphony of clicks and chirps. 
   Is your hound of the Baskerville family?

On Mon, 11 Nov 2002 09:25:08 -0800 "Lawrie Alexander" <>
> That's, odd, Bob. My NGK catalog says both the BR6ES and the BP6ES 
> (which should be their equivalent of the Champions you have fitted in
> MGB) are the same size. And that, oddly enough, is listed as having a
> hex, not either of the sizes you mention!
> Ain't life a puzzle sometimes?
> Lawrie
> P.S. And can we safely deduce that you have a late TD/TF head and a 
> quiet exhaust system fitted to your TD? The "E" in BR6ES means you are 
> running a 3/4" reach plug, and - as I'm sure you know - early TDs had
> reach plugs. The "R" means it's a resistor plug so you must have a
> fitted, which, of course, requires that you have a quieter than stock
> exhaust........:<)

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