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Re: MG 14/40

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Subject: Re: MG 14/40
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Date: Fri, 15 Nov 2002 15:40:19 -0000
That's got to be rare, so rare that it is only worth what someone will pay
for it - as long as you can find the right someone.  The original "Owd
Speckled 'Un" was a 14/40 dating back to 1927 and, subject to some gaps in
its history, was re-discovered back in 1999 and has just completed
restoration as described in the latest MG World.  This car is described as
'the first production MG (and) the only known surviving example of the
model'.  Maybe you now know better.

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Subject: MG 14/40

> Hi everyone, I have the opportunity to acquire an MG 14/40. Does anyone
> what the value of a solid car is. It needs restoration but is still all
> assembled. Has been stored for many years (not sure exactly how long)
> Paintwork is OK as is bodywork, and trim, instrumentation etc. Engine is
> intact but I haven't started it. Does appear to be some woodwork required
> though but that is not unexpected.
> The car is in Australia.

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