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Re: welders

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Subject: Re: welders
From: "James Kleemeyer" <>
Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 23:02:55 -0600
I recently bought a Hobart "Handler 135" mig welder. The little welding I've
found time to do so far seems fine. It is made by Miller, the manual that
came with it has the Miller name all over it. It came with the gas line and
a dual gauge regulator, everything but a tank. Mine even came with a cart.
Looks like a good machine, works great. BTW, do buy an automatic helmet, it
will make you a better welder. It's so much easier when you can actually see
what you're doing.

Jim K.

> This sounds very interesting -- maybe the Hobart is a Miller in
> disguise?
> Would be nice to hear from the Hobart owners their impression of its
> quality.
> Seems I can recall that the Hobart came with the gas kit. I know the
> Lincoln does not. Not sure about the Miller.
> Don Malling

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