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To: Don Malling <>
Subject: Re: welders
From: Chad Cooper <>
Date: Tue, 19 Nov 2002 20:04:38 -0800
I have the Hobart 135, it's a great welder over all, no issues at all and yes 
came gas ready. It is a repackaged Miller, and it has done great so far with 
everything I have needed.  The 110V part is nice because as stated before it is 
much more portable.


Don Malling wrote:
> This sounds very interesting -- maybe the Hobart is a Miller in
> disguise? 
> Would be nice to hear from the Hobart owners their impression of its
> quality.
> Seems I can recall that the Hobart came with the gas kit. I know the
> Lincoln does not. Not sure about the Miller.
> Don Malling 
> Larry Hoy wrote:
>>I bought a Miller at the local welding shop.  My experience has been
>>much like Jims.  When you buy a welder at my welding supply store they
>>give you 'lessons'.  We're not talking a long course, but as many
>>Saturdays as you want to give up.  I think the have 'rookie' lessons
>>once a month.
>>As I recall mine is a Miller 130.  It runs on 110v and uses gas or flux
>>wire.  I was going to get the 220v model but chose the 110v for the
>>'portability' it provides.  I can plug it in just about anywhere.  I was
>>concerned if it would be big enough, I've owned it for 3 years, and it
>>has handled anything I can throw at it.
>>The Miller was a little cheaper than the Lincoln (my welding shop sells
>>both) but I feel it is as good or better than the Lincoln.
>>The Hobart is cheaper than both.  But don't let price fool you.  It is a
>>great welder.  I'm thinking after Miller bought Hobart they moved it to
>>a different market than the Miller welders.  Why would you compete with
>>yourself?  You'll find the Hobart in many retail outlets (including
>>Harbor Freight).  It's my understanding it is still the high quality
>>welder it always has been, just marketed differently.
>>One more thing, the Lincoln you see at the home improvement store is not
>>a professional model.  It is produced to be sold at retail outlets.
>>That does not make it a bad machine.  But don't compare it to the
>>cheapest Lincoln at the welding shop ... No comparison.
>>Larry Hoy
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>>>My first MIG welder was a Lincoln sold by Sears under their
>>>own name. What a dog! On top of that, I barely knew what I
>>>was doing- a bad combination. Finally, after several years of
>>>getting the guys in the company shop to do my welding, I
>>>decided to try again, buying a welder. This time I was a bit
>>>smarter. I went to the welding supply shop were the company I
>>>work for buys all their parts & supplies & talked to one of
>>>the salesmen, telling how I was planning to use the welder, &
>>>how much I didn't't know.
>>>Jim Stuart
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