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RE: Electromotive distributorless ignition systems

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Subject: RE: Electromotive distributorless ignition systems
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Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 08:33:10 -0800

The Electromotive systems become very useful if you are building a very
radical engine that requires critical adjustment of timing.  Usually that is
not required for a street engine, or allowed in a race engine.

The systems really come into their own when combined with fuel injection
and/or pressurized induction where the original systems cannot easily be
calibrated to work in the new environment.  I saw an example in Cleveland a
couple of years ago, in an 1980 MGB LE.  The car had a cross flow head with
a pair of TWM throttle bodies.  An Electromotive unit was used to control
both fuel and ignition.  At the time the owner had spent many, many hours
programming the system and still had some low end problems, as electronics
can not fix dynamic flow problems.  

I'm considering using Electromotive for two projects, one a Fuel injected,
supercharged, cross flow B series and the other a supercharged Miata motor
in an MGA.  At the moment, these are just in the dream stage.  If any one
wants to chat about these silly thoughts just ask.

So in short answer.  On a carb'd LBC with fairly stock parameters I think
I'd rather spend the money on champagne.

all the best


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> Hi Paul, 
> Beats me -- that's why I asked :-) It's expensive. 
> A racing guy is helping me build my TR250 and maybe later my 
> MGB engine,
> and said it was the thing to have. I wondered about it and thought I
> would ask around. I guess the big thing is to be able to easily change
> the distributor curve to better take advantage of the stage 2 cam and
> head/exhaust modifications. Play with the distributor curve and try
> things I guess. Bottom end will be balanced and revs should be 6-7K.
> But again, I was asking around, not advocating.
> Don   

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