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Re: Electromotive distributorless ignition systems

To: "Dodd, Kelvin" <>
Subject: Re: Electromotive distributorless ignition systems
From: Don Malling <>
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 23:44:34 -0500
Hi Kelvin and Paul, 

Well, that's what I needed to know, and why I asked... :-) 

$600.0 buys a lot of champagne -- at least the kind I drink -- comes in
a box :-) 

Thanks for the info,


"Dodd, Kelvin" wrote:
> Don:
> The Electromotive systems become very useful if you are building a very
> radical engine that requires critical adjustment of timing.  Usually that is
> not required for a street engine, or allowed in a race engine.
> The systems really come into their own when combined with fuel injection
> and/or pressurized induction where the original systems cannot easily be
> calibrated to work in the new environment.  I saw an example in Cleveland a
> couple of years ago, in an 1980 MGB LE.  The car had a cross flow head with
> a pair of TWM throttle bodies.  An Electromotive unit was used to control
> both fuel and ignition.  At the time the owner had spent many, many hours
> programming the system and still had some low end problems, as electronics
> can not fix dynamic flow problems.
> I'm considering using Electromotive for two projects, one a Fuel injected,
> supercharged, cross flow B series and the other a supercharged Miata motor
> in an MGA.  At the moment, these are just in the dream stage.  If any one
> wants to chat about these silly thoughts just ask.
> So in short answer.  On a carb'd LBC with fairly stock parameters I think
> I'd rather spend the money on champagne.
> all the best
> Kelvin.
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> > Hi Paul,
> >
> > Beats me -- that's why I asked :-) It's expensive.
> >
> > A racing guy is helping me build my TR250 and maybe later my
> > MGB engine,
> > and said it was the thing to have. I wondered about it and thought I
> > would ask around. I guess the big thing is to be able to easily change
> > the distributor curve to better take advantage of the stage 2 cam and
> > head/exhaust modifications. Play with the distributor curve and try
> > things I guess. Bottom end will be balanced and revs should be 6-7K.
> >
> > But again, I was asking around, not advocating.
> >
> > Don

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