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Re: Blower Installation Progress

To: MG List <>
Subject: Re: Blower Installation Progress
From: Max Heim <>
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 11:28:11 -0800
on 11/20/02 10:53 PM, Larry Colen at wrote:

> Murphy was a freaking optimist. There wasn't a single thing that went
> according to plan. Until I tried to fire it up.
> First try, after a few seconds of cranking, she fired right up.
> It's just shy of 11PM and I'm running straight pipes, there's nothing
> aft of the header, so I'll spare my neighbors and won't tune her up
> tonight.
>  :)

Woohoo! That is always a great feeling...


Max Heim
'66 MGB GHN3L76149
If you're near Mountain View, CA,
it's the primer red one with chrome wires

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