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Blower Installation Progress

Subject: Blower Installation Progress
From: Larry Colen <>
Date: Wed, 20 Nov 2002 03:41:29 -0800
I think that all I have left to do before firing up the car is to
install the radiator, oil cooler, distributor, plugs and wires, fuel
lines and heater and radiator hoses.

I'm taking the day off work tomorrow. It's the only way that I'll even
have a chance of getting the car running in time for the rally school
and rallycross this weekend. 

The project has been frustrating. I've run into a couple of problems
because I'm using the new special headers, which don't leave nearly so
much room behind the blower. The instructions say to preinstall the
long bolts for bolting the blower to the manifold before installing
the manifold. With the header, you need to pre install all of the
bolts. I had forgotten that I had changed the alternator that I'm
using, and it turns out that it has a smaller shaft than the
alternator that the kit expects my car to have. I had to make a
bushing for the new alternator pulley out of a disposable aluminum
cooking pan. The fan that I'm using, as it turns out, isn't stock and
has a different bolt pattern than the waterpump pulley that came with
the kit has, so I had to dril a sexond set of holes.

The mounting flange on the header was a different thickness than the
mounting flange on the input manifold, so I had to make stepped
washers. I also spent a long time trying to undue one of the manifold
bolts before I discovered the easy way to reach it.

The pulley that came with my system was tuned for race gas. I finally
got a pulley that will allow me to run on street gas, but I needed a
special tool to pull the old pully. It turns out that  Park SPA-2 pin
spanner, available at most bike shops will do the trick.
The teflon lined cable that I'm using for the throttle pulled through
the hole in the bulkhead, so I had to go to the bike shop and get a
five cent cable hend to stop that.

I'm not quite sure why Hans set the system up with a "left hand"
carburettor rather than a "right hand" HIF.  This way, all of the
linkage is between the carb and the manifold, wnd it's a glorious pain
when hooking things up.

I've also run into some problems from misreading, or misunderstanding
the directions. I've been taking pictures of each major step along the
way, to help with anyone else who installs one.

At the moment they are in huge, undocumented indicies at:

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