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re: NAMGBR/MG 2003

Subject: re: NAMGBR/MG 2003
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 15:43:48 EST
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> Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 19:37:17 -0600
> From: Bullwinkle <>
> Subject: Re: MG 2003
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> MG 2003 probably should be called MGB 2003 since it's not
> all clubs
> together. It is the nationwide get together this coming June
> in St. Louis.
> <<<snip>>>
> That's what I would have thought as 'MG 2001' in Minneapolis
> was the gathering of ALL groups.  AND, as I understand it,
> they, The MG Council of NA, are considering one in 2006!
> Blake

First, please see my previous post regarding how NAMBGR names its

Second, to clarify the nomenclature of the "all-Register" meets:

I was at a majority of the planning meetings that were held for MG '96 in
Indy, and several of the planning meetings for MG 2001 at St.Paul. It was
decided at an Indy '96 planning meeting by the Chairs of the MG Registers
(Dick Knudsen/Hank Rippert, Len Bonnay/Dave Smith, myself, and Tom Boscarino)
and agreed to by the Executive Chair of Indy '96 (John Twist) that the
"all-Register" meets held every 5 years would be called "MGxx or MGxxxx" .
(This was a little more "generic" than "Gathering of the Faithful", "GTxx",
or "CBAxx".)  It was decided that there was a need of continuity for the
"all-Register" meets..hence "MGxxxx - along with an identifying moniker such
as "Indy '96 - A Cavalcade of MGs" or "MG 2001 - An MG Odyssey"

Hope this helps clear up this thread..


rick ingram
1978 mgb
1969 mgc
1974.5 mgb/gt V8

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