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Potential Brake Failure Warning

To: <>
Subject: Potential Brake Failure Warning
From: "Scott H." <>
Date: Tue, 26 Nov 2002 18:38:57 -0500
Hello everyone,

This is a warning to anyone who may possibly have the same type of hydraulic
brake light switch on their car as I "had" on mine.  I don't recall right off
hand which of the vendors I purchased this switch from, nor does the sensor
have a manufacturer's name on it, but I will eventually figure out who the
unique mold symbol belongs to.  I am only interested in warning them of the
potential safety problem.  It could save a life.

I am in the process of restoring an Austin Healey.  I have purchased a lot of
very good quality new components for this car, but unfortunately one of them
appears to be defective.  The other day while bleeding my brake system, I was
pressing on the brake pedal while my son was at the bleed screw to allow the
air to be forced out of the new brake lines.  During the process of pumping
the brake pedal, I was able to build up fluid pressure, but then all of a
sudden the pedal went to the floor and I immediately heard fluid pouring onto
my garage floor.  After tracing the origins of the leak, I found brake fluid
dribbling from the brand new brake light switch that I had installed.  From
the body of the unit, not the threaded portion. Fortunately my car is sitting
in the garage on jack stands, but if I were braking for, God knows who or
what, I might not be sitting here typing this letter.

Anyway, you can view the switch on the web site I have constructed for this
purpose (see below).  Please take a look at the images and make sure you don't
have the same switch on your car.  If so, the rest is up to you.  Since these
switches are used for many different models, please feel free to FWD this
message to anyone else who may benefit.  Meanwhile, if anyone knows of a
well-known quality brake switch that I could buy, please let me know.


Scott Helms

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