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Re: Happy Thanksgiving

To: Tab Julius <>, Bud Krueger
Subject: Re: Happy Thanksgiving
From: Barrie Robinson <>
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 10:39:25 -0800
Being an avid antique map collector I will presume to advise on the correct 
spelling.  Just look on a map of the period.  It will have the contemporary 
spelling.  What happens after is anybody's guess.  Unfortunately my maps 
are earlier (1486) than the Mayflower landing, or are not of that 
area.  But consultation with libraries or museums should help.

At 09:27 PM 11/28/2002 -0500, Tab Julius wrote:
>FWIW, the plantation nearby spells it "Plimouth" - apparently the
>"old-style" spelling.


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