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Subject: rich su's
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2002 11:45:56 -0800
Hello list

I have a 64B recently purchased and out of storage.  Car runs rich and is slow
to warm up but then runs well.  Plugs are running black at 12 flats and
balanced.  The outside throttle shafts seem to have alot of play.  Between the
two this seems a good indication that they need to be rebushed and rebuilt but
that is my guess.  Reasonable conclustion?

What is the general opinion of having them redone?  Send out to be rebushed
and DIY or is this something that really should be done by someone that does
them all the time.  Moss has the rebuild kits for about $90.  Apple rebushes
for $55 each plus shipping.  A place I found in Ca from the list  that says
rebush and rebuild for $275.

Wes Smith

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