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Re: rich su's

To: "WESLEY SMITH" <>, <>
Subject: Re: rich su's
From: "James Kleemeyer" <>
Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2002 16:40:19 -0600
I had Joe Curto re-bush the carbs on my '74 Midget this
fall after looking at the alternatives (DIY, Apple, etc.) He charges $75 to
re-bush the pair with new shafts installed. I'm happy with the results, and
will send him the carbs off of the '74 B before spring. BTW, anybody know
what the set of carbs Joe is holding (on his home page) are off of?

Jim K.
>   Apple rebushes
> for $55 each plus shipping.  A place I found in Ca from the list  that
> rebush and rebuild for $275.
> Wes Smith
> 64B

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