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Date: Sat, 30 Nov 2002 20:32:58 -0600

Sorry ... you are right ... "rear sills" is the wrong term ... its rusted to
the rear of the sills, and rusted badly.  I'm no welder but am willing to
try ... problem is the time more than anything (oh, and money too of
course).  And unfortunately, the nearest "local MG parts place" is about 500
miles away.


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|"Andrew B. Lundgren" wrote:
|> >
|> >There is quite a bit of rust at the rear sills, but I have a
|good handle on
|> >how to fix this (just not sure if I want to go to the expense /
|effort).  No
|> >"crack of doom".
|> For me,  I would keep looking because of this alone.  That pretty much
|> defines a parts car as far as I am concerned.
|Maybe Bob meant the doglegs (behind the doors) rather than the sills
|because I haven't quite heard the term "rear sill" before?  Bob?
|If it is just rust in these dogleg panels, then they are easily fixed
|(there are replacement panels at your local MG parts place - well there
|are here :-) but rust there might mean rust elsewhere and judicious
|checking is the thing.
|Yep, It only took me a few years and these days I am way past looking
|for "good mechanicals, don't worry about the bodywork" - mechanics I can
|fiddle with (or get a mate in to fiddle with) but bodywork leaves me cold.
|My 1c worth.

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