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Re: Steering wheel height

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Subject: Re: Steering wheel height
From: "Bill Meyer" <>
Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 11:42:08 -0700
Tried to send this yesterday, but forgot to omit the trailer!

> Hmmm... You might also consider these factors:
> - steering wheel diameter (as mentioned)-All three nearly identical
> - steering wheel dish - almost none to none
> - position of seat track vs. floor  rdstr 1" Further back than others
> - thickness and condition of seat cushion and diaphragm ('72 - New plus
diaphragm lowered by suspending from bottom of frame, '67- New,  '74 - old,
but not too bad
> - presence or absence of wooden spacers beneath seat tracks - '67 no
boards but the metal spacers are there, others - boards in place

Adding figures together, the floor to steering wheel height varies from 12
1/4" on the '72 GT to 15 1/4" on the '67 roadster.  Has anybody been able to
increase the height found in the plastic dash car to that of the steel

Any advice is appreciated.


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