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Re: ? a new thread- LBC's & MG's in literature

To: Bill Saidel <>
Subject: Re: ? a new thread- LBC's & MG's in literature
From: Bud Krueger <>
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2002 15:14:06 -0500

    Thanks for the dedication, but it brings up an interesting point.  My 1952 
stretches the "twenty year-old British sports cars" out to a fifty year old 
sports car.  But the house bit has another twist.  The original builder of my 
house in
1683, one Charles Stockbridge, was probably no more than one generation from 
being one
of those 17th century boat people from Britain.  So I guess that along with my 
year old British sports car, I'm restoring a 300 year old British house! (In 

Bud Krueger

Bill Saidel wrote:

> Cold here (NJ) but not as cold as Montana!
> I was reading a novel and came across a most interesting passage.  Not only
> did it pin me to the wall, it made me think...we've had threads about MG's
> in music, in movies, in television shows, even in haikus, but not, in my
> recollection (3 years), in novels.
>         So here is my attempt to start the LBC and MG in literature 
>thread...and I
> dedicate this passage especially to Bud Krueger
> >From a mighty strange (and enjoyable) novel by Eric Kraft, "Herb 'n' Lorna,
> a Love Story."
> (Lead in:  The Piper failing was to fall for scams and other behaviors that
> lead to loss of personal wealth.)
> "The essence of the Piper failing was a tendency to let the heart rule the
> mind. We all suffer from this disease at some times, to some degree. It has
> consequences other than bad investments. It makes some of us write books
> and compose music and paint pictures. It makes some of us try to restore
> two-hundred-year-old wooden houses or twenty-year-old British sports cars."
> When I read that I thought...he's one of us.
> Happy holidays.
> Bill
> '76B
> and an OD to be installed next year, courtesy of Steve Shoyer.

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