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Re: MKI, MKII Dashboard

To: Max Heim <>
Subject: Re: MKI, MKII Dashboard
From: Don Malling <>
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2002 22:31:59 -0500
Hi Max,

I have a 68-74 US market BMH LHD MKII MGB body shell (roadster). I would
like to install a 62-67 US LHD MKI dashboard in it. I had understood I
would have to weld in a 62-67 US MKI dashboard shroud in order to mount
the 62-67 MKI US dashboard. As per this link -- it's a GT but same idea:

Even to do this, I need to get a European market radio console.

Does the post 67 MKII European market LHD dashboard look like the pre 68
US MKI dashboard? 
Are you saying that a LHD European Market post 67 MKII dashboard will
bolt right into my US MKII BMH body shell?

If so, do you know anyone who has done this or where I can get more
information on it. For example how does the steering column work out? Am
I able to use the US market MKII steering column with the European
Market LHD MKII dashboard, or must I get a European market MKII steering
column to go with the European Mkt MKII dash? 
I am assuming MKI is 62-67 and MKII is post 67.


Don Malling 

Max Heim wrote:
> Did I understand that your MG is right hand drive? I would have thought it
> would be LHD in Europe...
> This makes me ask why would you think a US (presumably left hand drive) dash
> would work?
> Besides that, MKI and MKII cowl areas are different, so the dashes are not
> readily interchangeable. This is what keeps US MKII owners from fitting the
> relatively common large-gauge MKI dash, which would otherwise be desirable.
> On the other hand, I have heard of them obtaining European LHD MKII dashes
> for this purpose, and initially I thought you were proposing the reverse
> swap. But now I admit I am puzzled by what you are actually proposing.
> --
> Max Heim
> '66 MGB GHN3L76149
> If you're near Mountain View, CA,
> it's the primer red one with chrome wires
> on 12/4/02 2:45 PM, Jon Erikstad at wrote:
> > Hello:
> > I have a 1970 RHD MGB GT sold in Europa. It has the dashboard with the
> > large speedometer and rev-counter. Previous owner(s) has drilled a few
> > extra holes, it has a few dings, and needs paint. I can get a 'new'
> > dash, from a MKI, from USA. It will need new paint, but should
> > otherwise be OK.
> >
> > Will it fit my MKII GT ?
> >
> > Jon Arikstad
> > 1970 MG MGB GT

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