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Green Brake Fluid?

Subject: Green Brake Fluid?
From: "Lee Collins" <>
Date: Fri, 06 Dec 2002 06:59:55 +0000
Hi Folks
  I'm a newbie on the list and have learned a lot so far.  Just bought a 
'80B about a month ago.  While checking the all the fluids and getting a 
general assesment I discovered green brake fluid.  I've got some experiance 
with LBC's, but I've never seen green brake fluid.  The level is fine so I 
don't have to add anything yet, but I'd like to know just what the heck it 
is. One clue, the car and the driver I both in Germany (we're both US spec 
though :)  ).

Lee Collins
'80 B (in Germany)
'77 Midget (in storage)

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