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Re: MGRV8 Stateside...and to St.Louis!

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Subject: Re: MGRV8 Stateside...and to St.Louis!
From: "Ray Bradbery" <>
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 2002 19:20:53 +1100
Hi all, hope someone here can help me. I have just acquired a 1927 MG 14/40.
The car is in in original condition, but is in very good condition for  a
car 75 years old. Previous owner didn't believe in restoring cars. It was
driven regularly up until 18 months ago when it was stored in a barn.
Oil looks fine but I intend to drain and change oil as a precaution. Will
also change points and plugs and all rubber such as radiator hoses which
have cracked. However the engine turns freely using the crank handle.
What steps should I take before attempting to start the engine?
Is anyone aware of any resources which are good source of information on
these pre-war cars?


Ray Bradbery
Sydney, Australia

1949 MGTC
1951 MGTD
1957 Austin Healey 3000
1959 Morris Minor Pickup
1968 MGB (V8)
2002 MGTF
2002 BMW 330i

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