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RE: MG Centercaps for the SAAB Minilites

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Subject: RE: MG Centercaps for the SAAB Minilites
From: "Larry Hoy" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 05:45:11 -0700
Patton, I used the Saab center caps.  They are an octagon and use a
similar label to the MG.  I peeled the Saab Label off, and trimmed (with
scissors) an MG label purchased from Moss, and in an instant you have MG

Beware, IIRC the Saab dealer wanted $15 for the caps.  I used my resale
license and bought them for under $6.

Larry Hoy

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> Subject: MG Centercaps for the SAAB Minilites
> Hey guys,
> I just bought a set of the SAAB Ronal "Minilite" alloy rims 
> (15 x 5=" with an offset of 40 mm) for my MGB.  I'm planning 
> on using 195SR65-15 tires on them, but I haven't decided what brand.
> They are missing two of the centercaps and they say SAAB 
> anyhow.  What are people using for centercaps when they use 
> the SAAB rims?  Is there anyway to put the octagon logo on them?
> Thanks
> Patton

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