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RE: MG Centercaps for the SAAB Minilites

To: "'Paul Root'" <>
Subject: RE: MG Centercaps for the SAAB Minilites
From: "Patton Dickson" <>
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 10:45:20 -0600
I found mine at a SAAB auto recycler (i.e. bone yard).  I have been
watching (and bidding) on eBay, and the Ronals and the Shelbys have been
going for $250-$300.  My cap was $280 (including shipping), and luckily
I didn't pay near that for my set.  

Of course the set I'm getting is missing two centercaps, two have
"massive brake dust" and two have "lots of small nicks".  The way I feel
is if I'm doing all of the work to the car, working a little cleaning up
the rims will be a drop in the bucket.  Also my experience with auto
recyclers is that they tend to overstate problems to prevent people from
expecting perfect parts and returning them due to relatively small


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So where is everyone going to buy these wheels in such a flurry?

Patton Dickson wrote:

>I sent in my order yesterday also.  I should have mine soon.  Are you 
>going to have to put the spacers on these like you have on your Inca's?

>If so where do you get them.
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>Hey guys,
>I just bought a set of the SAAB Ronal "Minilite" alloy rims (15 x 5=" 
>with an offset of 40 mm) for my MGB.  I'm planning on using 195SR65-15 
>tires on them, but I haven't decided what brand.
>They are missing two of the centercaps and they say SAAB anyhow.  What 
>are people using for centercaps when they use the SAAB rims?  Is there 
>anyway to put the octagon logo on them?
>The Saab Centercaps that came with the wheels are Octagon shaped, same 
>as the center caps on my Saab Inca wheels. The adhesive MG logo for the

>stock wheels fits perfectly in the center of the Saab cap.
>I too have just purchased a set of Ronal Saab minilites, just mailed 
>the check yesterday. Will hopefully have them by end of next week.
>Safety Fast,
>David Deutsch   

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