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Re: eBay alert! (Mini?)

Subject: Re: eBay alert! (Mini?)
From: Eric <>
Date: Sat, 14 Dec 2002 11:10:36 +1030
David Breneman wrote:
> SEZ -
> > Yes, but the one in the eBay auction is a 1968.  I don't think BMW had
> > anything to do with the Mini back then!
> Definitely not, but the cars they were making, the 1600 and 1800,
> were pretty decent in their own right.  Too bad nobody can seem
> to make an economical, small-but-roomy, sporty coupe today.

Further off topic :-)

We have both the new and old Minis at our supersprints and when you see
them sitting side-by-side you realise just how BIG the new Mini is
compared with the old one - about twice the size.  I guess it would be
hard to get something as small as the old mini through any safety/crash tests.

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