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Re: Crack of Doom

Subject: Re: Crack of Doom
From: Bob Howard <>
Date: Tue, 17 Dec 2002 10:15:30 -0500
  In the metal skin of the door, where the vent-window's vertical channel
for the roll-up window glass passes into the door,  a crack frequently
forms.  This is the infamous "crack of doom". 
   It's generally believed that the crack is caused by the stress of the
vent frame pulling on the door in a small area.  This can be from 1)
closing the door by pushing the vent frame, 2) closing the door by
pushing on the window glass, 3) improperly fitted vent frame that binds
on the windshield, 4) out-of-adjustment door hinges, 5) loose, flopping
door mirror,  and there are probably some other causes that I forget. 
  There are several suggested repairs. The one I like best is to have a
reinforcing piece welded/brazed inside the door in this area. Others have
reported good results with epoxy and a reinforcment.  Merely bringing the
edges together and brazing has worked for some but not for others. 
  BUT -  If the causes are not addressed, the crack returns quickly after
repairs, so one must resolve the causes if the crack is not to reappear
soon.   Use the door handles to open and close the doors.  What
passengers believe is kindness and consideration at seating them, handing
seatbelt and closing the door may be simple preservation of the door of
the MGB. 

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> What is the "Crack of Doom"

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