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Re: Crack of Doom

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Subject: Re: Crack of Doom
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Date: Wed, 18 Dec 2002 08:59:24 -0700

I had your situation - an existing crack in a door.  I removed the interior
panels and managed to get the fiberglass cloth and liquid on the inside of the
crack w/o removing the skin.

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    >I fiberglassed my '67, which already had the crack.  Its not shown back
    >in 5 years.  This was done in situ, I assume you could do a much better
    >before the skins are mounted.

  Did you mean to say before the area has been painted, because I doubt there
would be much of a crack (or stress tear) before  the skins were assembled as
a door and had the vent window 'tugged on" over a period of time. Also its
really important that you drill a .06 or so hole at the lowest point of the so
called "crack of doom" to halt any furthur tearing.
    Albert Escalante
    owner of a 1978 MGB (with 3/4" crack on drivers door)

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