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Re: B with an auto tranny on ebay.

To: Eric <>
Subject: Re: B with an auto tranny on ebay.
From: Tab Julius <>
Date: Sun, 22 Dec 2002 20:00:36 -0500
Well, 42 miles is a different story.  That's like trying to keep it museum 
quality, and I would expect one like that to be higher (although I'd have a 
hard time justifying $40k like they're asking!).  The other car at 15,000 
miles in 22 years is a we-used-it-to-go-to-church-on-sunday kind of number.

Or is it?  Let's see...

That comes out to 681-ish miles per year.

Let's say they only drove it May through September.

That'd be 5 months a year, so that'd be 136-ish miles per month.

That's about 34 miles a week during driving season.

That'd be almost 5 miles a day.  Or, assuming it's on weekends only, it'd 
be 2 round trips of 8.5 miles in each direction.

Almost the same as only-to-church on Sunday.  I can't imagine having a B 
and only driving it that amount.  But I guess it's conceivable someone did.

But for the 42 mile car, that's pretty much 
buy-it-and-keep-it-as-an-investment.  Worth $40k though?  Not to me, but 
maybe to someone.

- Tab

At 06:29 PM 12/22/02, Eric wrote:
>Tab Julius wrote:
> >
> > And only 15,000 miles in 22
> > years?  What have they been doing with it?  Not driving it is not much good
> > for the engine.
> >
>Well here is one with only 42 miles in 22 years, so the engine must be
>really shot :-)
>And they have an even HIGHER price on this one!

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