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Re: B with an auto tranny on ebay.

Subject: Re: B with an auto tranny on ebay.
From: Eric <>
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 11:46:40 +1030
Tab Julius wrote:
> But for the 42 mile car, that's pretty much
> buy-it-and-keep-it-as-an-investment.  Worth $40k though?  Not to me, but
> maybe to someone.

(my post was a joke, BTW - yes 42 miles is "museum piece" stuff, but who
wants even an 'original, as-new" rubbernose :-)

Now you need to note that the $40,000 is AUSTRALIAN dollars or as they
are known, South Sea Pesos, so that would be something like $US120.00
wouldn't it?

'85 Rover SD1 Vanden Plas
Adelaide, South Australia

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