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Re: Fuse problem?

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Subject: Re: Fuse problem?
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Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 15:58:55 -0000
The fuse that powers the gauge and turn signals also powers stop lights,
reverse lights, wipers, heater fan and is the one with a white wires on one
side and greens on the other.  If only some of the above are affected it is
probably the wire connectors making a bad connection to the spades on the
fusebox.  However it's possible that when working on the pump you shorted
the white to ground and the 4-way bullet with three whites in it may have
gone open-circuit.  If there is no 12v on the whites at the fusebox with the
ignition on this is probably the cause.

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Subject: Fuse problem?

> Replaced my fuel pump yesterday. Other than having my hands and forearms
> dowsed with gasoline, everything seems to work fine. Yesterday. This
morning I
> started the car and found that the fuel gauge and turn signals weren't
> working. I assume it's a fuse (although I was running late and didn't have
> time to sort it out). That's where I'll start. But if it's not a fuse
> else should I look? Thanks in advance,

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