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Re: Fuse problem?

To: "Telewest (PH)" <>
Subject: Re: Fuse problem?
From: "joseph cianciotti"<>
Date: Mon, 23 Dec 2002 12:02:08 -0800
Thanks for your quick response. I'll check those bits along with the fuse and

But the scenario of the open circuit has me confused. You see, after I
installed the pump, I took the car out for a spin and everything worked fine.
When I got home, I noticed a leak from the lower fuel line. (I had filled the
car up and parked on an incline.) So I undid the fuel line, replaced a washer
and tightened it all up. I then checked the gas gauge to see how much gas I
lost in the process. So the gauge was working. This morning it's not. So is it
 possible for a circuit to go open without any anyone's help? (Maybe the gods
on Mount Lucas are toying with me?)

If there is an open circuit, where will I find the the white to ground and/or
the 4-way bullet with three whites?

And, finally, how do I repair something like that?

Sorry if my questions seem elementary. I've never had an electrical gremlin
like this before. (Maybe my car liked it better in California.)

67 MGB Roadster

On Mon, 23 Dec 2002 15:58:55 -0000 "Telewest (PH)"
<> wrote:

> The fuse that powers the gauge and turn signals
> also powers stop lights,
> reverse lights, wipers, heater fan and is the
> one with a white wires on one
> side and greens on the other.  If only some of
> the above are affected it is
> probably the wire connectors making a bad
> connection to the spades on the
> fusebox.  However it's possible that when
> working on the pump you shorted
> the white to ground and the 4-way bullet with
> three whites in it may have
> gone open-circuit.  If there is no 12v on the
> whites at the fusebox with the
> ignition on this is probably the cause.
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> From: "joseph cianciotti" 
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> Sent: Monday, December 23, 2002 2:44 PM
> Subject: Fuse problem?
> > Replaced my fuel pump yesterday. Other than
> having my hands and forearms
> > dowsed with gasoline, everything seems to
> work fine. Yesterday. This
> morning I
> > started the car and found that the fuel gauge
> and turn signals weren't
> > working. I assume it's a fuse (although I was
> running late and didn't have
> > time to sort it out). That's where I'll
> start. But if it's not a fuse
> where
> > else should I look? Thanks in advance,

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