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Re: MGA 1500 - Lada conversion (modern day Grapes of Wrath)

Subject: Re: MGA 1500 - Lada conversion (modern day Grapes of Wrath)
From: David Woerpel <>
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2002 14:58:19 -0600
Great letter Barney!!  Thanks for sharing.  Did anyone catch the PBS 
special on cars of Havana?...these folks are ingenious...almost as good 
as Barney!  They ought to be making repro parts for our LBC's......the 
quality would be better than some parts sold by ....................ok, 
Ill be good. ;-)

Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  Barney,What's the date for the DuPage swap meet?
59 MGA 1500 (non-Lada pistons; or is that "not-a-lotta"?)
59 :{)

Dan DiBiase wrote:

>This is pretty cool... Gotta love the Internet, bringing together car nuts
>from in front of, and behind, the well-rusted Iron Curtain! I hope his
>e-mail isn't being monitored since he mentioned God in it...! Unless he
>meant Fidel..... Cubans are supposed to be among the most adaptable
>mechanics in the world, keeping their cars together without even baling
>wire or - gasp! - duct tape.... This is a great example, and I'd love to
>see pictures of his car....
>--- Barney Gaylord <> wrote:
>>I couldn't stop grinning, and had to share this with the list, 

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