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Re: B Clutch & gravel

To: "Mike Duvall" <>
Subject: Re: B Clutch & gravel
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2004 15:02:58 +0100
With gravel of a large enough size (or even small pieces if they start
jumping around over rough ground) in the bell-housing it will be acting as a
rock-crusher which is likely to damage the clutch, flywheel, starter pinion
etc.  Things could eventually get chewed up enough to cause a major failure,
possibly fracturing of parts.  What might be worse is slight but significant
damage to 'fixed' parts such that even changing the clutch does not clear
the problem.  Even if larger pieces do get broken up into smaller the
resulting grit will get into small spaces and it could be that which is
causing the intermittent and various problems.  Without driving the car it
is difficult to know whether to recommend carrying on to see what happens
and either wait for a major failure or for a small bit of gravel to be
'disposed' of, or take it out now to prevent one.


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Subject: B Clutch & gravel

> I'm thinking the possibility of a rock being lodged in the clutch
> because of the missing boot is becoming a real possibility (or of
> course something broken).  As I rethink when the clutch failure as
> well, it happened just as I pulled out through some gravel.  Does
> anyone have any ideas other than pulling the engine for dislodging a
> piece of gravel?  Would working the clutch in and out a lot  wear down
> a piece of gravel or would that be futile?  I drove about ten miles
> with the clutch acting up already.

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