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Re: Still no spark

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Subject: Re: Still no spark
From: "Paul Hunt" <>
Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2004 10:04:55 +0100
If you can go back to points and condenser, at least until you have cleared
the problem, these are much easier to diagnose.  If yours is a North
American car the Pertronix is already a replacement for a factory electronic
ignition system with the wiring changes that implies.  A permanent ground on
the white/black between tach and coil -ve will kill the ignition (and
incidentally makes a nifty immobiliser with a switch behind the dash).
Disconnecting the wire at the tach will remove the tach itself from the
equation but the wire itself could still be grounding.  With a Pertronix you
may be able to remove this wire from the coil -ve and the car should still
(normally) run, probably not with an original factory system (points or
electronic) without cutting wires which should be avoided.  Whichever, when
cranking a rubber bumper car you should see the voltage switching between
12v and 5v at the coil +ve, and between 0v and 12v at the coil -ve.  Looking
with an analogue voltmeter is best as a digital may not 'latch' to the
fluctuating voltages.  With a Pertronix I can't say what voltages the
analogue meter should average out at, with points it should be about 5v on
the coil -ve and about 8v or 9v on the coil +ve.


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Subject: Still no spark

> It appears my '79 B is still not getting any spark to the plugs.  I
> replaced the coil and ignition module with new Pertronix II versions,
> and still no luck.  What should I check next?

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